Just how hardcore is the Motor City? Detroit police had to be called to impound the Booty Lounge party bus. It’s a rolling strip club that was giving Lions’ fans lap dances at Ford Field tailgate parties.

The city of Detroit is going crazy for its Lions right now. Monday Night Football was one of the loudest, most raucous scenes the NFL has had recently.

Keep in mind, Ford Field, where the Lions play, is a downtown venue, which means there’s no real parking. People tailgate in alleys between abandoned buildings, parking garages. They party anywhere they can…including the mobile strip club parked near the stadium!

That’s right, it’s the Booty Lounge party bus.

The best part is, police impounded the Booty Lounge NOT because it’s a rolling strip club, but because it had an expired registration. The city of Detroit has no laws against rolling strip clubs!

Road trip!