Welcome to ‘Men With Balls,’ a weekly round-up all of the sports videos we forgot to cover over the past week.

Today, Delonte West gives a Wet Willie, a unicycle basketball player wipes out, a Blackhawks fan dances in the street and a plethora of other strange and awesome videos.

Delonte West Gives A Wet Willie

It seems that strangeness follows around Dallas Mavericks guard Delonte West and the below video is the first time that we’ve ever seen a “Wet Willie” pulled off in an NBA game.

In the second quarter of a Mavericks/Jazz game, West got called for a foul on Jazz forward Gordon Heyward. After the foul was called, West walked up to Gordon and gave him the old schoolyard trick of the “Wet Willie” by sticking his finger in Heyward’s ear:

Blackhawks’ Fan Dancing In The Streets

After an overtime victory by the Chicago Blackhawks in game one of their playoff series, one Chicago Blackhawks fan decided to take to the streets to celebrate.

Watch as he runs into the middle of a road and decides to dance in view of passing cars. After awhile, he decides to direct traffic as well.

Man In Dress Gets Jacked Up At Rugby Match

If we remember the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears,’ we’re pretty sure that rugby had nothing to do with it. However this week, a clip of a man wearing a Goldilocks costumes invading a British rubgy match has become a viral sensation.

It happened during a Sale Sharks/Bath match and keep an eye on Olly Barkley of Bath who hits him into next week.

That’s A Good Birthday Present

Twenty-one year old Chance Latvich had a birthday that he will never forget. Latvich was in attendance for Monday’s Clippers/Thunder tilt and was randomly selected to win a brand new Jeep by hitting a half-court shot.

Latvich used some of that birthday magic to drain the shot but sadly, he can’t use that magic to evade the taxes on his new ride.

Unicycle Basketball has its drawbacks

Apparently, unicycle basketball is actually a thing and has gotten a cult following around the wide world. However, sometimes playing the game of basketball on unicycle can have its drawbacks.

Check out this player trying to get back on defense only to hit the fence behind the basket and fall over it:

Futsal player kicks-out taunting opponent

This might have been the darkest day in futsal history as the below video shows us that starring down an opponent might not be the best idea if he can high kick.

Check out after the player in white scores the goal and takes a gander at his opponent on the ground. Number ten in the black jersey didn’t appreciate that as seconds later, he kicks the goal-scorer in the face:

Snorting Mustard: Bad Idea?

There are few things in life that can be proved right off the bat to be a bad idea. A couple of Phillies fans attending an Atlanta Braves game decided to dare their buddy to snort a line mustard. Yep, a line of mustard.

Texting at an NBA game can be dangerous

Sitting court-side at an NBA game can have its perks but it also can have its drawbacks. During the Knicks/Nets game on Wednesday night, a fan sitting court-side was texting someone and didn’t the basketball coming straight for his head.

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