During the Chicago Blackhawks game against the Edmonton Oilers, one fan gave new meaning to the word dedication. During a first period play Benoit Pouliot, forward for the Oilers, tackled a Blackhawks player into the glass. Naturally the impact was strong but it proved to be a lot more powerful than originally intended.

The glass detached and hit a cameraman, but then it went straight into a woman that was sitting nearby the glass. The glass cut her head, where she was bleeding from, but afterwards the medics quickly wrapped up her injuries. After that, she stayed and finished watching the entire game because not even a falling (and quite dangerous) piece of glass can keep a bad ass Blackhawks fan like her from enjoying her beloved team.

To top it all off it was apparently her first game... so that's a quite a passionate way to make an entrance into the world of live hockey games.

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