It's not every day Bambi comes to your door looking for food, especially here in the desert southwest. So you can imagine the look on the faces of residents in Northeast El Paso Tuesday morning when five deers where spotted roaming the streets around 9 am.

My childhood friend, Rita Beard Hardesty said she noticed five deers across the street at her neighbor's house. Rita said she noticed that the deer began to cross onto Hercules. A four lane street in Northeast El Paso.

Being the kind animal lover, Rita jumped into action. She ran out of her house into the middle of the street to warn oncoming traffic. "I ran out into the street trying to make sure the vehicles saw them. I was terrified they would get hit. I probably looked like a mad women yelling", said Rita.

I noticed many social media posts showing animals taking over places that normally belong only to humans. What's going on? Seems like the animals can sense that humans are staying indoors. Giving the animals permission to explore. I live near the mountains on the west side of town. I hope Bambi and her family pay me a visit soon.

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