There is no answer or rationale for losing to a team who hasn't won a football game. It also puts a lot of pressure on the coaches and players especially when it's the owner's birthday...and that owner is Jerry Jones! Two 7's weren't lucky for the Dallas Cowboys or Jerry Jones who turned 77 last Sunday as the Cowboys miss what would have been a game-winning pedestrian 40 yard field goal. Somehow Dallas should have won and from experience, I have played at least one game where I know I lost to an inferior team as well.

Many teams have been accused of playing down to their competition however this time it was linked to a golden opportunity to increase the lead on the NFC East. That chance is gone but Dallas is still leading their division by winning more division games than their next opponent, the Philadelphia Eagles. It shouldn't take much to create an inspired effort and a desired outcome for this team or the hometown fans this week.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Jets
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A few injuries have occurred for Dallas as well. Most notably, Amari Cooper was sidelined by a quad injury and last week early and now defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford is on the injured reserve (IR) list after hip surgery. Combine that with Devin Smith being inactive and Randall Cobb winding up not playing led to an unseemly poorly-timed loss.

Put this one behind you Dallas Cowboys and supporters. The real test is what is learned and how the team responds moving forward. I shall leave the poor pass interference call alone as well as what has been made about the team not high-fiving head coach Jason Garrett and the hashtag for his firing which was also created.

Somehow when you win the next week and win the division all seems to be forgotten. That's why I screenshot a lot of things...not so I can say I told you so but to prove that some people said what they vehemently deny.

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