It's time to panic if you're a Dallas Cowboys fan. After another heartbreaking loss, this time to the Philadelphia Eagles 33-27 in overtime, the Cowboys have now lost six straight games. The last time they lost six in a row is when Troy Aikman was a rookie in 1989.

And if you're a Cowboys fan, it's time to face the reality that the season might be over for Dallas. Sure they still have eight more games to play, but them getting into the playoffs is highly unlikely. Sure Tony Romo will come back on Nov. 22 against the Miami Dolphins, but let's face the facts -- the Cowboys haven't found a way to win a game without Romo, and he'll be rusty when he comes back. It's highly unlikely that the Cowboys will run the table and win every game the rest of the season.

But that's what they have to do. They have to go perfect in the second half of the season to even have a chance of maybe getting into the playoffs. I'm sure they'll beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, but they still have to face the undefeated Carolina Panthers on Thanksgiving, and they still have to play the Washington Redskins twice plus they have to travel to Green bay to play the Packers. Odds don't look good that they'll be able to do that.

Like I said -- it's time to panic in Dallas.