Dak Prescott has had the franchise tag placed on him, but the goal is to get him under contract for more than just this season. Apparently the main sticking point between Dak and Cowboys is the length of the deal, not necessarily the money. In a quarterback driven league, you don't let someone like Dak Prescott walk.

Just how good has Dak been? Here are some stats presented by Trey Wingo...

So yeah, Dak Precott has been pretty good. He's also compiled a record of 40 and 24 in the regular season. Also, not bad. He's led the Cowboys to two playoff appearance with a combined record of 1 and 2. That's already half the amount of playoff wins that Tony Romo had.

If you're Jerry and Stephen Jones, you need to get Dak Prescott locked up. What's the other option? Let him walk and bring a new QB? It can incredibly difficult for a team to lock up a quarterback and still have money for other positions, but it can be done. But you also have to realize quarterback purgatory is no place to keep your franchise.

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