The Dallas Cowboys did what they were supposed to do…Go on the road and beat the Detroit Lions, a lesser record team, and maintain the lead in the NFC East. Mission accomplished. Dallas is also realizing another fortuitous fact. Starting quarterback Dak Prescott is coming into his own for his team and his contract negotiations.

Dak Prescott played even better than last week in my estimation because he and the Dallas offense realized how to get the ball to running back Ezekiel Elliott in space when defenses want to shut down and takeaway the running game. The Cowboys got positive yards and a touchdown on a highly athletic screen pass from Dak to Zeke. As a former running back, there are certain plays that when they work, I love. I love the screen pass when it only works kind of okay. For the record, Dak passed for 444 yards and 3 touchdowns. Four is my favorite number and I have sports superstitions. Former CSU Ram, Michael Gallup had 9 receptions for 148 yards and veteran wide receiver had 115 yards receiving and a touchdown. When you have this much production and no turnovers without mentioning star wide receiver Amari Cooper and future hall of famer Jason Witten...keep feeding what’s working. Or as in Texas, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Dallas Cowboys v Detroit Lions
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Despite a valiant attempt at home by the Lions, the Dallas defense prevailed with an effort of bend but don’t break as they were put in a hole quickly by a surprise fumble by Zeke Elliott. Linebacker Jaylen Smith led the defense with 8 tackles and an assist. Right behind Smith in tackles was Thompson, Lawrence, Vander Esch and Quinn. All the defensive names you want to see making tackles amongst others for the Cowboys. The secondary shuffled around players and made a few mistakes however at the end of the day, the win was secured.

Going on the road and beating the Lions is one thing, however going on the road to face the New England Patriots and Tom Brady is another. This could possibly be a Super Bowl matchup preview when both teams are playing at their peak. Should a could a would a might say Dallas could have come into this week with a record of 9-1 or 8-2 versus the Patriots. Nonetheless, the NFC East leading Cowboys next game is between the AFC East leader. A very interesting, worthwhile and meaningful game is up next for Dallas. The Cowboys thanked New England for beating Philadelphia, now let’s not return the favor.

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