The world first became aware of the Jets' Antonio Cromartie's many children during the 2010 season of 'Hard Knocks' on HBO.  People watched in shock and amazement as Cromartie famously struggled to list all of his children on camera.

At latest count, Cromartie has ten children by eight different women in six states.  Cromartie's last two children have been with the same woman, his wife Terricka.  It turns out a production company wants to parlay Cromartie's fertile seed into a reality show (imagine that).  The seven other baby mama's are all in, but daddy is not.

Cromartie doesn't want his children exploited on national television, despite pleas from the mothers that it will help the children bond (and fatten their bank accounts.)  Cromartie signed a four year $32 million dollar deal last fall and currently pays more than $3,500 a month to each mom, except the mother of his firstborn.

In a strange way I suppose it is admirable that Cromartie doesn't want his personal life on display.  Maybe he has enough self-awareness to realize how damaging reality shows can be to families.  With an already delicate family balance, reality television could be the catalyst that destroys it.

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