There are two types of fight fans, those who were shocked and upset by Ronda Rousey's knockout at the hands of Holly Holm and those who could spot it from 400 yards.  There were hints at the weigh-ins, Ronda Rousey's loss of self control and it continued into the fight.  Her reckless fight style was now seen as the emotional, non-technical style it always was, but now emphasized by the pre-fight drama.

Before, during and after Holly Holm's brief reign as the women's bantamweight champion, there was always the lingering presence of Cris Cyborg (Cristiane Justino), who was most notable for her complete brutalizing of Gina Carano.  Carano was the prototype poster girl for women's MMA, but after her loss to Cyborg, she quickly retired and went into movies, where the hype mattered.

Cris Cyborg finally made her way to the UFC and fights tomorrow against Lina Lansberg, a notable kickboxer, but fodder for Cyborg.

There is always a chance for an upset in MMA, but there is similarly the inevitable as a through-line.  Cyborg is here for one reason - to fight Ronda Rousey.  And Rousey, for all her discussions of legacy and the like, is still here for one reason - to fight Cris Cyborg and it is the Sisyphean reminder after every one of her fights.

I believe more and more that this fight will be relegated to fan's memory.  It is Paul Williams vs Floyd Mayweather Jr, it is Fedor Emelianenko vs Brock Lesnar.  It may be a sad prospect to imagine a fight that could have, should have, would have but for egos and histrionics, but it is also a cornerstone of the fight game.

When you watch Cris Cyborg fight tomorrow, you are watching her attrition towards providence, which is THE subtext of all the fight game.

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