Experts from El Paso's Fire, Police, Environmental Services and Health departments have built a 70-person task force to check on businesses to make sure they are following the city's guidelines and health mandates in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. The task force does have the ability to cite a business, issuing tickets up to $500. From ABC-7:

ABC-7 was with members of the task force as they surprised Crave Kitchen and Bar for an inspection.

At this specific inspection, Lt. Robert Jones said:

Alright, so coming in we get a general overview of the occupancy. There is not a whole lot of people in here. Those that are in here seem pretty spaced out by at least six feet.

Jones added:

There is not a whole lot of seating available but they were mindful enough to block out the two in the middle and signs like this is what we are looking for to make sure you don't have parties too close together.

What do the businesses think about the surprise inspections? The Crave Kitchen and Bar kitchen manager said:

Well it was unexpected definitely. It gives us the peace of mind that we were able to pass and are following all the precautions during this pandemic. Keeping people safe and at the same time trying to normalize this situation as much as possible.

Boom. Crave Kitchen and Bar is good to go. This pleases me as I was hoping to go to Crave Kitchen and Bar soon.

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