We all know baseball is a game filled with stats and those who are among the elite possess some of the best numbers low or high depending on the category. But when it comes to batting averages, homeruns, RBI's, strikeouts and ERA's -- one thing should hold certain, the winner of an MLB title should be clean as a whistle.

A component of the Triple Crown is the batting title. In the American League, Detriot Tiger, Miguel Cabrera is in contention for the award that hasn't been given out since 1967 to Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski.

Not to be confused with the other Cabrera in the National League, who is suspended San Francisco outfielder, Melky Cabrera, who is in the lead with a .346 batting average. While he wasn't a contender for the Triple Crown, awarding a component of the award, like the batting title, to a player on suspension for PED's (performing enchancing drugs) can tarnish the reputation of the title for those who hold on to it from the past and those who strive for it in the future.

In August we learned that Melky was suspended by the MLB for 50 games because he tested positive for high levels of testosterone as a result of a PED. During the time he didn't deny the accusations and abided with the suspension. Soon after there were reports that a fake website was created to prove to the MLB that the product/substance he had used did not in fact fall under the PED category. The MLB did not buy this in turn making Melky look even more guilty.

In the National League, not far behind Melky's batting average is Pittsburgh Pirate, Andrew McCutchen with a .339 and San Francisco Giants, Buster Posey with a .335 batting average.

MLB Commissioner, Bud Selig, said that if infact Melky is in the lead by the time the regular season is over, he would still be awarded the batting title.

Soon after, Melky announced he would withdraw from the race. According to the New York Associated Press Melky said, "To be plain, I personally have no wish to win an award that would widely be seen as tainted, and I believe that it would be far better for the remaining contenders to compete for that distinction."




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