Over in Europe, they're apparently all bent out of shape over this 'Super League' of soccer. Basically they're taking all the top teams from the leagues across Europe and creating a new league. Could this be done with college football? Yes... sort of.

We already have the "Power 5 Conferences". But there are 130 total FBS schools. How many of them really have a chance at winning the National Title? We frequently have a team like Boise State, UCF, or Cincinnati that making a solid run at the end, but they could go undefeated and still not sniff a title shot. Why not do some rearranging and create multiple leagues? We could also use relegation just like they have over in Europe. If you have a team that is constantly at the bottom of the standings, move them down. Got a team like Boise State that keeps winning? Move them up. Although, if this plan were to actually come to fruition, Boise State would already be in the top leage.

The framework is already there to do this, but we would first need an actual governing body to oversee everything. The current conferences would just need to be balanced out as well. Stop and think how stupid this is. We have a Big 12 with 10 total teams, and a Big 10 with 14 teams. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Turn the power 5 conferences into a top tier of 4 conferences. Each of those conferences would then be split into two divisions. You treat it like they do now where you have the top team from each division play each other for the title of the conference. Each team that wins their conference moves on to the playoffs. But then, you have another 4 spots left over for teams to be voted in by a committee, similar to the way the the playoff committee works now.

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