Police have been called to McKelligon Canyon a couple of times over the last 2 weeks regarding a man "touching" female park goers.

The incidents have taken place in the middle of the day and EPPD recommends that joggers/bicyclists in McKelligon Canyon travel in groups, avoid covering both ears with earphones and be extra alert. Police described the man as being 6' 2" with a thin build and ask anyone with information about him to call (915) 832 - 4400.

Franklin State Park Superintendent Cesar Mendez told KFOX they are:

“stepping up patrols and monitoring the canyon and many other areas of the park. It's a large area that we have to cover but obviously if incidents happen in an area, we increase our monitoring and patrolling in those areas.” - KFOX

Visitors to our Cool Canyon Night Series this summer will enjoy very safe evenings, every Thursday, thanks to 1) plenty of security and 2) very large crowds!