Welcome to ‘The BeatDown,’ a weekly battle of wrestling topics to discuss, debate and get in actual fights about. This week, we discuss championship gold.

Since we were kids, we’ve wanted to be the best – and needed something to prove it to the world. From our modest cardboard belt, like young John Cena, to the plastic strap in the toy aisle at your local big box store, many styles and designs have been implemented – but none have come close to the awesomeness of these two popular championship titles. But which current WWE strap is better?

WWE Championship

Looking like something out of a coloring book from the 90′s, the WWE Championship belt is all glitz and glam. Yep, John Cena even made sure the belt had a spinner – because that’s how he rolls…or spins if we’re getting technical. For reasons unbeknownst to us, someone thought this was an improvement on its predecessor. Nevertheless, the corporate brass refused to replace this toy title with something a little more grown-up, and maybe for good reason.

World Heavyweight Championship

Born in Kansas City back in 1940, this belt has more aliases than Steve Lombardi. From MWA to NWA to WCW, this strap has been around the waist of some of the gnarliest dudes to ever step inside the ropes. Made famous by ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, this belt exudes confidence and power – the kind you only get when you’re crowned champion. No frills, no pizazz, just gold and a nameplate – something a man can be proud of working his entire career towards.