A recent study listed the cities with the largest number of peeps "splittin' the rent" and El Paso was near the bottom.

According to storagecafe.com, only 13% of El Paso's population are roommates. I find that odd given the strong family and personal bonds El Pasoans have. One, kinda true, cliche about our area is the one about large groups of people being crammed into one home.

Of course, some of those people are also not big on answering questions .. or, even the door ... so, I'm not sure how accurate this report is. If it is on point, I guess that means we like our space. That or we're smarter than everyone else.

Just kidding, sorta. Having someone around for company is ... generally speaking ... a good thing. Your roomies friends, family and lovers usually bring the drama.

Being able to share expenses is always a help and can also allow peeps into nicer homes or better/more convenient areas. Areas closer to where they spend their days which allows for more savings if it means you can walk or bike to work, school, etc.

We all have little quirks but those can typically be tolerated and arrangements can be made for those times when privacy is needed. Other than that, the money saved is probably worth having your patience tested. To a certain point anyway ... NSFW.

My experience with roomates has been pretty cool. My brother and I lived in Dallas together and we got along great. In El Paso, I lived with two very good friends and the partying in that house was legendary. It took a couple of years to fully sober up from those days.

We were at it morning, noon and night with people coming in and out through the doors AND the windows. Inside and out, front yard, backyard, on the roof ... you name it, the party was on. We'd even take the dog up on the roof with us and she wasn't shy about having a beer here and there either.

Sometimes we had to party outside because the band took up most of the living room. It was our very own Animal House and "guests" came from all over town.

Our neighbors kinda had a love/hate relationship with us. We could be loud and rowdy but we were also very entertaining. Deep down, I think they enjoyed the spectacle ... especially the light shows occasionally presented by the EPPD.

And, once, the EPFD.


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