The Alabama Crimson Tide are favorites to win it all this season according to the NCAA preseason rankings.

More specifically, The Alabama Crimson Tide are the favorites to win it all this season *on paper, but we all know that several other factors play into the outcome of any team's season; ultimately the one school that ends up hoisting that NCAA National Championship trophy at the end of the season can credit a combination of talent, coaching, preparation, and, often times, a little bit of luck.

That luck can come in many different forms—both good and bad.

One type of bad luck can come in the form of a curse and "The Drake Curse" is one of the most dreaded curses to have bestowed upon you in any type of organized sports. You can read all about The Drake Curse here, but basically, if Drake is rocking your team's merch or shouting them out in any capacity, your team is pretty much doomed.

A recent post from Champagne Papi on IG showed Drake rocking a Crimson Tide t-shirt and the internet instantly took notice.

Somewhere, Nick Saban probably let out an audible gasp-like "nooooo" when he refreshed his IG and saw Drake standing there in Alabama gear.

Even having the nation's top defender in Will Anderson and getting back Heisman trophy winner, Bryce Young, Saban is all too familiar with the Drake Curse as many are still blaming him for Bama's recent loss to Georgia Bulldogs in the 2021 National Championship Game.

Bama even looked like they were set to beat the Bulldogs going into halftime with a 9-6 lead, but in the end, it was Georgia who got to own the title as kings of the CFP, beating Alabama 33-18.

The internet exploded with conspiracy theories after many people pointed out that Drake posted a "Roll Tide Roll" on his social media platforms.

Will Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide be able to overcome this? Drake's support has literally "brought defeat to potential championship winners in every sport imaginable" according to BroBible.

We've seen Drake curse teams in the world of hockey, basketball, football, and more—both professionally and on a college level.

Does Bama really have the voodoo on them now thanks to Drake's Crimson Tide jersey?

We'll find out soon enough if there is bad luck brewing in Tuscaloosa, AL but either way, football will be here before we know it—and based on Drake's history wearing SEC merch, there's still time for other teams to get a tase of curse too.

With or without the Drake curse.

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