This week will be filled with sports from Thanksgiving football to NCAA basketball tournaments, what this kid did out of Iowa will trump them all.

It was a Division III basketball game and most people were watching Mike D'Antoni make his debut for the Lakers who took on the Brooklyn Nets. Final score: Lakers 95, Nets 90. A combined score of 185 points. Kobe Bryant coming through with 25 on the board.

Elsewhere, No. 1 Indiana escaped with a win in overtime against Georgetown. Final Score: Hoosiers 82, Hoyas 72. A combined score of 154 points. Markel Starks put up 20 points.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Iowa, a 5-10, 170-pound guard, who now goes by the new house-hold name of Jack Taylor, helped his team Grinnell to a victory against Faith Baptist Bible College. Final score: Grinnell 179, FBBC, 104. Who cares?

Taylor scored 138 of the final 179 points on his own breaking a NCAA-record of 113 points set back in 1954 and an NBA record by Wilt Chamberlain of 100 points in 1962. Bryant is second on the list with 81 points back in 2006.

Ball hogger or baller -- one can only be impressed including several NBA players who tweeted and commented after their professional games. Taylor put down 138 points off 108 shot attempts.

Word up to Taylor as he told ESPN in regards to his almost 30 points worth of arc-hits, "Everything I threw up, I felt like was going in."

There's no denying, this kid gets buckets!