The coronavirus outbreak has changed the way the entire country lives their daily lives. In El Paso, we didn't have a directive from City and County officials to stay at home. They told us it would be a good idea, but if you check social media, you can see that people are not doing that. So many people are acting like this is an extended vacation instead of a national emergency.

Tuesday morning, City and County officials issued concrete orders about how we need to change our lives for the time being to help contain the threat of COVID-19 in El Paso and the surrounding areas. Here's what you need to know about the order that will continue until further notice. Those who are found violating it could face a fine of not more than $1,000.00, or be jailed for up to 180 days:

1. Stay at home order starts at 11:59 tonight, March 24.

2. Similar orders are in place in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Fort Worth.

3. City and County leaders are working to suppress COVID-19 and that key medical professionals say this needs to be done to get back to normal.

4. Everyone is under this order except for: emergency personnel, healthcare personnel, groceries, financial, critical trades, postal services, food delivery or pick-up, home-based care, childcare, and those performing essential government functions.

5. If you do not follow this order, you will be guilty of a misdemeanor and could be fined $1000 or be confined in jail.

6. Mayor Dee Margo "We are dealing with lives vs livelihoods."

7. The City and County has gotten letter of support from all area hospitals and physicians groups for this decision.

8. Mayor Dee Margo "We are fighting daily to protect this community and have to heed advice to flatten the curve of infection in El Paso."

9. Mayor Dee Margo "We have to relieve the burden on our health care system and we cannot wait until our health care system becomes overwhelmed to take action."

10. City and County officials understand that this will be a strain on small businesses, and that some will say that the cure is worse than the disease. The mayor said all governmental parties debated that, but they decided that it is more important to keep everyone safe at this time.

11. Practice social distancing even while shopping.

13. Mayor Dee Margo "There are to be no house parties and no social gatherings or this will not work."

14. If you're sick you need to stay home and avoid public areas. You need to stay away from others and wear face mask to stop the spread of the virus. If you are sick, do not go to a medical facility until you call first and get directions about whether to go or not. This will also give them time to prepare for you to come in and avoid contamination.

15. Fort bliss is following the City/County directives and will be quarantining returning soldiers on post.

17. Juarez has canceled all events, closed bars, restaurants, museums, and movie theaters. All nonessential services have been closed. The Chamizal Park has also been closed.

You can find out more information and stay up to date on the coronavirus outbreak in El Paso by clicking here. Here is the official stay at home order from the City.

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