Let's take a trip down memory lane to 1994. July 14th, 1994 to be exact. That's when WCW came to El Paso with a headlining match between Steve Austin and Sting!

If you check out WCW's Wiki Fandom page, you'll see it confirm that WCW was in El Paso on July 14th, 1994, and that it was sold out at 950 people. Someone over on Reddit claims that this was at the Don, and if you watched the full video, it looks like it could be. **EDIT** Lots of people are chiming in with it actually being the Coliseum.

You'll notice that the headlining match is Sting versus Steve Austin, NOT Stone Cold Steve Austin. That's because this was before he became Stone Cold Steve Austin. That didn't happen until March of 1996. This entire lineup was pretty well stacked with names you probably recognize. Or maybe don't recognize because they were wrestling under a different name. Regardless, this event was stacked!

First match, Lord Steven Regal (He continued on to WWE and is now with NXT) versus Johnny B. Badd (He went on to WWE and TNA)

Second match, Diamond Dallas Page (Yup, now he's doing yoga and saving other wrestlers) versus Brian Pillman

Third match, Guardian Angel (You probably remember him as Big Boss Man) vs Ron Simmons (Does the name Faarooq ring a bell? The Acolytes? APA?)

Fourth match, Marcus Alexander Bagwell/The Patriot (That's Buff Bagwell baby!) versus Paul Orndorff/Paul Roma (Orndorff had stints in WCW and WWE, including in the 80s with Hulk Hogan)

Fifth match, Dustin Rhodes (Not to be confused with Dusty Rhodes, but this is who eventually became Goldust) and Arn Anderson (One of the Four Horsemen) versus Bunkhouse Buck (He popped up as Jack Swagger Sr. in 2010) and Amarillo Slim (I haven't been able to find information on this Amarillo Slim/Erik Watts)

And the headliner, you all know Sting and Steve Austin.


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