Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnsons apparently isn't done with football quite yet. He's going to be trying out for the XFL... as a kicker. This isn't completely unheard of as he did kick in the NFL, but is was in a preseason game. You can actually see that footage here.

That last time the 42-year-old Johnson was in a professional football game was back in February 2012. He caught one pass for the New England Patriots in a Super Bowl loss.

He has even gone so far as to say that he hopes he can make an XFL team to hopefully lead to a spot on an NFL roster.

Pretty far fetched but imagine me being consistent during an XFL season & getting a chance at a 53 man roster in the NFL, even i don't make it just being able to compete for a spot at a entirely different position will be so riveting.

While the NFL dream might be a bit far fetched, if he can perform well with an XFL team, why wouldn't they sign him? The new league is going to be looking for story lines to push, and Chad Johnson as your kicker is certainly a story.


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