Now that the ‘ber months are here (September, October…) and soon brrr weather will be, too, it's hard not to get pumped about spooky season and its related activities.

Especially with Halloween falling on a Saturday that coincides with Daylight Saving, and a full moon – and not just any full moon; a blue moon, no less. It’s a rare moment, no doubt, and one worth celebrating.

But hold on, Skippy, not so fast on things like conventional door-to-door trick-or-treating. The Center for Disease Control has recommended we hold off on that annual tradition as well as attending Halloween parties this year because of the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

But they don’t totally want to harsh your Halloween high, either, so they've provided numerous alternatives you can enjoy safely. Here, take a look-see:

• Decorating your house, apartment, or living space
• Having a Halloween movie night with household members
• Having a virtual Halloween costume contest among friends and family
• Carving or decorating pumpkins outside, at a safe distance, with neighbors or friends
• Carving or decorating pumpkins with members of your household and displaying them
• Doing a Halloween scavenger hunt where children are given lists of Halloween-themed things to look for around the house and in the front and back yard

All of the above are considered low risk. The CDC also lists moderately safe activities such as “one way trick-or-treating,” a “small group, open-air costume parade,” and visiting pumpkin patches.


Recently on Mike and Tricia Mornings, we asked listeners how they planned to navigate All Hallows' Eve amid safety concerns, and many were already on the same vibe as the CDC. Here a sampling of the responses we received:

E Jasmine Lopez: My kids will dress up and they suggested we can have pinatas full of candy for them to swing at and also hide candy around the yard. Combination of Halloween, Easter and a birthday.

Diana Delira: We will still decorate, dress up, have scary movie marathon, order pizza, buy snacks and candies.

Virginia Jara Alvarez: Get dressed and have the kids go door to door inside the house, lol, it will be fun!

Adri Nieto: My kids will pick their costumes and we’ll have our annual Halloween photoshoot, but we’re staying indoors.

Brenda Candia Lucero: I’ll still decorate and let my daughters dress up. we’ll make it fun for them by doing like a candy scavenger hunt or something. Maybe watch a movie with some pizza.

Whatever you decide to do, don't follow this guy's lead. Seriously. Don't.:

Ray Ramos: Oh you know the usual...provoking ghosts...summoning a demon thru a Ouija and ending the night in a Satanic orgy.

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