Fat Tuesday took on a whole new meaning earlier this week at a Florida casino, where gamblers were given a dime in slot machine credits for every pound they weighed.

Dubbed “Fat Tuesday Frenzy,” the promotion at the Gulfstream Park Casino kicked off Mardi Gras by inviting patrons to get on a scale and rewarding them with play credits on the spot.

And if your New Year’s diet worked a little too well, the casino handed out free, all-you-can-eat Krispy Kreme donuts to help you outgrow your skinny jeans again. (Unsurprisingly, the initial supply of 7,000 of the sweet treats were quickly snapped up.)

But Michael Goldin, Gulfstream’s director of marketing, said no one was encouraged to gain weight. In fact, he said, since each extra pound added would only net someone a dime, the added girth would hardly be worth it.

The casino’s scale maxed out at 500 pounds, so the free play bonus was limited to no more than $50. And in news that will make doctors the world over scream in frustration, yes — one man on Tuesday did earn the top prize.

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