The St. Louis Cardinals are trying to navigate the pandemic world just like all MLB teams as they return to play this Spring and that looks like it will include fans.

In a recent interview, the Chairman of the Cardinals, Bill Dewitt Jr. explained their plan for the 2021 season is to be somewhere around 25-28% capacity to start the season and hopefully get to full capacity at some point.

That is welcomed news to sports fans and humans alike who are looking for any optimism possible for months down the road with hopes of returning to sporting events soon.

Just like most all sports teams that have welcomed back fans, the priority for tickets would go to season ticket holders and the remaining tickets would be put on public on-sale.

Currently, the city of St. Louis is allowing fans at Blues games, in limited form and the NHL announced that they are leaving it up to the individual markets to work with local health organizations to determine capacity.

As we have learned throughout the last year, nothing is uniform when it comes to policies across this country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and that is true for sports as well.

There will be some stadiums that are empty on opening day, while some will have fans and that discrepancy will continue until we move out of the pandemic.

For Cardinals fans at least, they will be one of the teams who will have their loyal base cheering them on and I'm sure it was welcomed news for the best fan base in the sport.

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