Yesterday was Jason Kidd's highly anticipated debut as the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Although it was only summer league, all eyes in Orlando were squarely on Kidd and how he would do.

The game results were not to good. Brooklyn lost to the Detroit Pistons 76-67 and Kidd received his first technical as an NBA coach.

But the highlight of the game was before the game even got started. Coach Kidd gave out so many fist bumps that he probably would have fist bumped anyone that was walking by. As you can see from the video, he covered everyone within arms length.

Then again, this is summer league. Maybe he thought he need to work on this aspect of his coaching?

(Courtesy of YouTube)


On a brighter side for Brooklyn, Mason Plumlee had this nice move and finish. It was so nice that one of the announcers had no idea that Plumlee "had that in his game".

(Courtesy of YouTube)