The Denver Nuggets expect Isaiah Thomas to return to action in February, but can he ever regain the magic he once had on an NBA court?

During the 2016-2017 NBA season, Thomas was one of the biggest stories as a undersized guard was putting up huge numbers for the Boston Celtics.

All that though came to an abrupt end with a hip injury and changed his career forever.

Thomas was primed for a mega deal in free agency the following offseason but after the Celtics decided to trade him to the Cavs for Kyrie Irving and yet more injuries, he was traded once again to the Los Angeles Lakers.

This offseason he had to go through more surgery while landing with the Denver Nuggets.

Plus there was the money thing...

He is on a small one year deal right now and with the unfortunate hip injury, it cost him tens of millions of dollars that he will never get back.

So how much will he be able to make moving forward if he is healthy?

He will make his return to the court in 2019, but what will he look like when he does?

The Nuggets have a lot of guards who are already producing in their system, so how much will he even get to play?

My hope is that he will get enough minutes to showcase the once elite skill set that made him a household name.  He was a bright spot in the NBA and I hope that bright spot returns.


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