I've about had it with this song and everyone's rendition of it. However, the darn thing is catchy.

The USA Olympic swim team tried it out. Ehh. I give them a bronze for their effort.

Others have made an attempt. Jimmy Fallon did it on his show using classroom instruments and I digged it because the Roots are just ridiculous.

The Harvard basketball team gave it a shot and it was pretty sweet with the choreography within a 15-passenger van and well...ahem...just pretty sweet. Ladies?

While we know President Barack Obama has been known to hold a tune or two, this isn't one of them, but someone made it happen. Kinda funny.

Then on HBO's Hardknocks, we saw some of the players watching the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders version of it. Of course, this is the most entertaining when you have a group of beautiful girls singing it who actually know how to dance. Gentlemen?

Steeler Nation however, I like this one, from start to finish it's a completion. I give it a TD. Note: I'm not even close to being a Steeler's fan.

Nothing more amusing then seeing some 2-300 pound men singing to it, all-the-while at training camp and with a bunch of kids having a blast!

So who sings this song? Seriously, I don't know and my fingers hurt so I won't Google it, but at this point I think everyone sings it. So good luck to us all come the 2013 Grammy selections as we can all hope for a nod on best song of the year.

By the way, I have the same green phone in the studio as the Steelers use in their video. I'll play the song on the show tomorrow just to irritate myself some more.

Let me know if you've come across a better one or made your own? What do you think? Played out? Here's my number: 880-KROD -- so call me maybe?


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