Tonight is the night. May as well be the 'big game' because we are all waiting with bated breath to see how things are going to turn out. Will Tom Brady's winning streak against America's Team the Dallas Cowboys finally be broken? Will Dak show up and play the game of his career?

Should I have nachos for dinner in anticipation of tonight's game or order pizza and not move from in front of the television? These are all questions we are asking ourselves, the very important ones.

One thing is for certain, I shall represent. I will be wearing my lucky Dallas Cowboys shirt, watching from home to guarantee a win, and maybe as Raymond Orta always says, 'prende la vela' for my Cowboys to pull through.

Let's be real we all have our superstitions on game day, or our good luck charms that we bust out in support of Dem Boys. But I guarantee you have never feasted your eyes on something like this. A Dallas Cowboys grill unlike any other. This baby is next level. I've seen barbecue grills with a couple of Dallas Cowboys stickers slapped on, or painted in blue, silver, and white but this one is insane!

I know a few Cowboys fans that would not hesitate to own one just like it. I may encourage Leo to get one just so he can invite me over for future Dallas Cowboys games. Check out what is no doubt this TikTokers most prized possession.




@edoo_3 Let’s go COWBOYS!! #dallascowboys #wildcard thanks to @TEAM GRILLS ♬ It's About to Get Western - Gary P. Nunn

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