By Christian Molinar
Burges High School Sports Reporter


The underdog is now the target.

After beating Andress last week, the Mustangs travel to McKee Stadium tonight to take on the Austin Panthers (2-2, 0-1) and try to keep their win streak alive.

The Mustangs have come out of the gates and possess a 4-0 (1-0) start to the season. The team has faced two top ten teams in Andress and Riverside, and it also beat Mountain View and Cathedral. The offense has shown its multiple threats, scoring an average of 28 points per game.

“We’re finally getting it,” senior quarterback Adrian Montes said. “Last year we had a few coaching changes and the scheme was modified for the offense and brand new for the defense. I think that with more practice and a second year under it all, we’re understanding it. On the defensive side, the linebackers are making great plays and the line is holding its own. The defense has been winning the games for us. I have trust in the defense when I step off the field. This group is hungry and full of great leaders. I know everyone is confident, but as a senior I won’t allow us to start overlooking teams. That would blow everything we have worked for.”

Tonight, the team goes up against a run attack that is averaging 145.8 yards per game. However, Austin’s passing game averages just 27 yards a game.

The statistic that stands out is points allowed. In the first four games last year, the Mustangs allowed 34.7 points. This season in the first four games, the defense has only allowed 13.2 points.

“Our biggest improvement has been working together as a team and not fighting with each other,” junior Aaron Jones said. “The most important part has been our defense; we haven’t given up that many points. And we’ve controlled the other team’s stars. We remind each other to keep working hard and not to give in now. We won’t be the doormat anymore. We are too good of a team to be stomped on.”

Players say that taking Austin lightly would be the wrong thing to do. The Mustangs will not let up.

“We always say hard work pays off,” senior defensive tackle Darion Henry said. “Now we all see it and believe it. After the statement game with Andress, people know we are for real. Playing Austin is going to be a tough game and it’s because their back is against the wall. If they want a shot at the playoffs, they have to beat us. We’re still hungry. We won’t let up until we’re holding the district trophy over our heads.”


Caleb Riddle- running back, linebacker

Burges-Caleb Riddle

Season stats after 4 games:

Yards per carry-5.2
Rushing yards-200


“Madden. I really don’t like playing video games, but Madden is the exception because it’s football. The best sport in the world hands down.”


“Fly because that would be fun as heck. I could go anywhere anytime and no one could stop me. Who wouldn’t want that?”


“Weightlifting. I like the feeling it gives me. I’m not going to lie I like the attention I draw at the gym. I like getting my body stronger and bigger, it helps me with football mainly.”

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