ESPN reporter Britt McHenry was given a slap on the wrist for her pathetic, belittling rant aimed towards an employee at Advance Towing in Arlington, Virginia on April 6.  McHenry was given a week-long suspension by ESPN for the crude incident where she spoke to an employee at the towing company as she was paying for her car.  The whole incident was caught on tape and has since gone viral.

McHenry is, without question, an extremely talented reporter who has a reputation for getting the big interview.  Her actions taken against the Advance Towing employee were shameful and showed everyone her true colors.  There is no doubt that most people have two faces, the one you see in public, and their true face which only comes out in private or amongst close friends and family.  Britt McHenry's true face came out on the video.  It is her job to act sweet and professional on television, but as someone in the public eye, she needs to learn how to behave herself, even during moments where she becomes upset.

The majority of us would get mad if our cars were towed and even have a negative response while paying to get them back, however McHenry lacks class.  There are appropriate ways to handle situations and to voice our displeasures, but talking to someone and degrading their education, teeth and weight because they work for a towing company and you are upset is shallow and disgraceful.  One should never be put down because of their job, my philosophy is that I admire anyone who is simply willing to get out of bed and go to work, despite what kind of job it is.

McHenry has since issued an insincere apology via Twitter, but it will do little to amend the situation.  The one week suspension by ESPN is a joke because she deserves a much more severe punishment for her actions.  McHenry will never be looked upon in the same light by athletes, coaches or even co-workers because of her actions and should be suspended for a long time or even fired.  Being a public figure doesn't make McHenry a better person, and is certainly the case for anyone who is well-known.

I often wonder what other people are thinking to themselves, just makes me curious.  It's almost like Britt McHenry was thinking out loud, and her true emotions surfaced.  Makes me wonder what she thinks of other people in general.