Former NBA benchwarmer Brian Scalabrine recently decided to test the notion that even the worst professional athletes are 1,000,000 times better than the average joe's.

After eleven NBA seasons, Scalabrine called it a career after 2012.  'Scal' became a fan favorite in Boston because he really embraced the everyman persona.  When his career finished, he did what all popular and likable former athletes do;  he got into broadcasting.

Scal is now a Celtics analyst for Comcast SportsNet New England.  While making a radio appearance, one of the hosts started talking about how some fans start to get delusions that they can beat benchwarmers.

The conversation grew into an actual contest, and four guys were chosen to play a one-on-one game against Scalabrine.  Scalabrine destroyed the competition.  The first guy even played some ball for Syracuse.

The bottom line is even the worst professional athletes have a decided size, speed, and strength advantage over even great amateur athletes.  Even though Scalabrine embraced his average joe persona, he was a great player at USC.