Saturday night, Adrien Broner and Pauli Malignaggi clashed at the Barclays Arena and the two fighters gave the packed crowd their money's worth. When the final bell sounded, Broner won the fight by split decision. The real fireworks took place during Broner's post fight interview with Showtime's Jim Gray.

Courtesy of Twitter. Adrien Broner

Apparently, both fighters share something else in common...Jessica Corazon. Malignaggi dated Corazon for six months and then she started going out with Broner. Her current boxer boyfriend used her as a way to taunt Malignaggi. After the fight, Broner told Gray that "he left with his belt and his girl." After that, both fighters engaged in a classic verbal altercation. Malignaggi told Broner "don't brag about taking my sidepiece." It almost reminds you of the classic WWF days from the last 1980s when Randy "Macho Man" Savage and Hulk Hogan fought over Miss Elizabeth.  You can watch the entire Broner interview with Gray and the good stuff comes at the 2:00 mark.