Only some know what its like to watch a Heat game with me.

So Thursday was Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals. The San Antonio Spurs vs. the Miami Heat. The series was tied 3-3 by Game 6, the Heat forcing a Game 7, which was great ... because they tore up Game 7 and became back to back Champions!! The score was 95-88.

You can imagine the Heat fans in Miami. Pretty much bumper to bumper traffic all over Hialeah (49th Street) and Calle 8. A lot of people probably had to replace their horns by the early morning as well as a few pots and pans. (I miss that! I used to live 3 blocks from Calle 8.)

So what better way to watch the last game of basketball season? Dubba Gs idea was to record me watching it ... We shortened it a bit, but I'm sure you'll get the idea.

Anywho, here's a clip of what Dubba G goes through when the Heat are playing.



With that ... GO HEAT!!