It's safe to say that Sun Belt Official Ray Acosta won't be receiving Christmas cards from Head Ragin' Cajun Basketball Coach Bob Marlin anymore.

When Acosta accidentally knocked over Marlin then tried to give him a technical foul, the Cajun coaching staff had to step in before Marlin was allowed to tell him how he really felt. Luckily, Gerald Gruenig of the KLFY Sports team captured the aftermath and shared it with the internet world.

Hats off to Coach Mike Murphy for the job he did holding Marlin back too. If you watch the video, Murphy gets quite a workout trying to restrain his riled up bench mate. We see you, coach.

Marlin joked after the game about how he lost a button because he was getting squeezed so tight by a player. Junior Guard Kasey Shepherd owes his coach a button, but he might have saved him from getting tossed out of the game.

Eventually, the officials retracted the initial technical call and just hit the Cajun Coaches' box with a warning. The Cajuns ended up beating Texas State by a large margin, 64-42, and Marlin didn't have anymore major disagreements with the men in white and black.

You have to admit though, Coach Marlin looks like he means business in those first few seconds.