Despite being 13 of their last 14, tied for first place in Conference USA with an 8-1 record and moving up to a 78 RPI ranking, The UTEP Miners are still unable to sellout the Don Haskins Center.

There is no doubt that the Miners deserve to play in front of a sold out crowd but will El Paso really do it?

Last home game 11,036 came out to see the Miners beat Rice, so close but not good enough.

Now I would love to see UTEP fans come and fill every seat possible this Thursday, However like I said before is El Paso up to it? As much as it pains me to say, it's probably not going to happen.

I'm pretty confident that UTEP fans will fail  to " Blackout the Don" that I would wager shaving my beard and letting Mando the "Monster" Medina give me a hideous Mohawk that I would have to sport for at least a week.

In fact, I will extend this challenge El Paso not just for Thursdays game but for Saturdays game as well. If by chance both games get sold out, I will wax something from an area TBD. Chad keeps yelling Brazilian wax......yeah not sure about that.

So here it is again, If this Thursday or Saturday the UTEP Men's Basketball game gets sold out I will get a Mohawk and shave my beard. If both nights are sold out I will Wax some part of my body, Maybe have some kind of poll when we get to that point.

It's up to you El Paso, see if you all can prove me wrong.

Judging by the picture below a Mohawk and shave just might be and upgrade.



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