Spring break is upon us and that means a bunch of travel for many Texans. Even I braved the highways and took a trip to the metroplex this past weekend and what I witnessed were some serious speed traps all along I-20.

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Whether it's local police, sheriff, or Texas DPS cracking down, speed traps have been around as long as I can remember. Sure you can say their purpose is to keep the public safe. However, I think most Texans are hip to the fact that small towns in Texas are using these aggressive "stings" on speeding motorists in efforts to raise revenue. Let's be honest.


Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

According to the resource site Fines and Fees Justice Center, the town of Corrigan Texas was among the worst just a couple of years ago. The town's 12 police officers pulled over 8,100 drivers. That averages to over 500 stops per year. Now, that's too aggressive in my book.

But where are these speed trap hotspots in Texas? In an article by the Houston Chronicle, several towns and highways were highlighted as popular locations for these traps. If you're traveling through any of these towns on your spring break adventures, take extra caution. Nobody wants their travels ruined with a speeding ticket.

  • Glenrose, Texas on U.S. Highway 67
  • Gregory, Texas on U.S. Highway 181
  • Mt. Enterprise, Texas on U.S. Highway 84
  • Palmer, Texas on Interstate 45
  • Rosebud, Texas on U.S. Highway 77
  • Buckholts, Texas on U.S. Highway 190
  • Savoy, Texas on U.S. Highway 82
  • Sonora, Texas on Interstate 10
  • Estelline, Texas on U.S. Highway 277
  • Lott, Texas on U.S. Highway 77

Check out even more towns that made the list. Buckle up and be prepared if you're traveling this spring break.

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