We all know that dogs are considered “man’s best friend,” and we all like to occasionally share a cold one with our best friend right? If you have a dog and like to reward it with an occasional treat, here comes a brand new one for you. Yes, the Bowser Beer has arrived for your favorite K9.

Bowser Beer is made in Phoenix, Arizona from beef or chicken broth with malt barley. It is non-alcoholic, has no carbonation and also free from hops which can be toxic for dogs.

A six-pack costs $20 and the company suggest giving the brew to your pet straight from the bottle, over dried dog food or using a splash to flavor their water bowl. Like most beers you and I may enjoy, this type beer comes in two separate flavors. After all, you can’t have just one flavor of beer right? Bowser Beer comes in Beefy Brown Ale and Cock-a-Doodle Brew – and according to the World Records Academy, it is the first beer created especially for dogs.