As usual, my mind was racing this morning and I could not sleep. So at 5:30 this morning, I turned on the TV and tuned into Mike and Mike in The Morning.

In my haze, I am listening and not believing what I am hearing.

Not more than a few weeks ago, Cris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson analysts for ESPN, were trying to give Tom Jackson a fellow analyst a hard time on the air because he wouldn't say that Tim Tebow is not NFL quarterback material. It takes a lot to get Tom Jackson mad, and let me tell they were doing a good job of it!

So imagine my surprise when I hear Cris Carter defending Houston Texans quarterback Matt Leinart to Mike Golic this morning!

Are you kidding me?

Carter was saying that Leinart is in a new system in Houston and to give him a chance.

Uh Cris, isn't Tebow in a new system in Denver?

Tebow had what, 3 starts last year  and went 1-2 and he has had 4 this year and is 3-1. For a grand total for his career of 4-3 as a starter. His career quarterback rating is 81.0 by the way.

Leinart has not started a game in Houston but will this Sunday. In  four years in Arizona, he was 7-10 with a quarterback rating of 70.8. Keep in mind that a aging ( or so everyone said ) Kurt Warner took this same group to a Superbowl and if not for a last second touchdown would have won it.

Look, I am not a Tebow supporter or hater but Tebow finds a way to win. He has the respect of his teammates which to me may be the most important thing. You can give Tebow a hard time because of his public persona, but don't let that dictate your feelings about him on the field.

That is exactly what Cris Carter has done and is doing.

So Cris Carter, C'MON MAN!

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