Growing up I was so blessed to have a big brother and big sisters. As a family of six we always had built in friends in each other but not all families are that lucky. There are so many kids who don't have a support system and they deserve to have someone in their life to be that support system.

Big Brother and Big Sisters of El Paso has a mentorship program that offers you the chance to change a child's life by becoming their big brother or big sister. From the Big Brother and Big Sisters of El Paso website:

"Mentoring Matters. Youth involved in our program do better in school, have better relationships with their parents and peers, avoid risky behaviors and go on to college at rates higher than the national average."

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On Friday morning the CEO of Big Brother and Big Sisters of El Paso was on Mike & Tricia Mornings who told us that they have 100 or so kids who are in need of a mentor, and if you click here, you can find out how to become a mentor. Bobbie Jo Ortiz said there is also a way for teens to help the organization and pump up their college applications by volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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If you have a teen who would like to volunteer you can contact Big Brothers Big Sisters by calling (915) 544-4203. Teens won't be paired with a little, as the organization calls their kids, but they will help out with events and other things that Big Brothers Big Sisters can use them for. It's a great way to expose teens to giving back to their community and also gain community service hours that they need to graduate. It was so great to have Big Brothers Big Sisters on Mike & Tricia Mornings and learn all about this amazing organization.

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