Via their Twitter feed, ESPN posted a video that was originally published on the feeds of Taiki Green and Adam K entitled "Baseball On Film".  Since 9:00 a.m. yesterday, the ESPN re-tweet has already been viewed 870,000+ times.

The version posted by ESPN is a shorter version of the nine-minute original that uses clips from virtually every notable baseball film ever made along with voiceovers from those movies interspersed atop a tremendous soundtrack that every baseball fan will recognize immediately.

This piece of work is why the internet exists.

The words "It's hard not to be romantic about baseball" are heard over a black screen as the video opens with the voice of Brad Pitt playing the role of Billy Beane in the film adaptation of the book "Moneyball".
[Ed. note - Yakima's own Scott Hatteberg is featured prominently as portrayed by fellow Washingtonian Chris Pratt in the afforementioned movie.]

Even if baseball weren't currently suspended, you'll still find this to be a masterpiece. As we all struggle with withdrawals from the National Pastime, this will bring goosebumps and tears as the memories of "sunshine and high skies" (and a few laughs!) -- now relegated the green fields of the mind -- come flooding back.

You have been forewarned.

Here is the longer form:

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"Centerfield" - John Fogerty
"The Mighty Rio Grande" - This Will Destroy You
"The Natural" - Randy Newman

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