Portlandia has endeared the nation, nay, the world to the weird charm of Stumptown aka Rose City. Many might not know the area is actually a strip club haven – with exotic dancers that are more akin to SuicideGirls than Hooters waitresses. If you need further reason why Portland should be your next travel destination – we present Portland’s 2nd annual Bacon Cup, which combined man’s favorite food with our favorite spectator sport – stripper wrestling.

The event’s flyer boasts it’s ‘the largest bacon-flavored event in the Northwest’ with area vendors submitting their best bacon-themed dishes for pork supremacy bragging rights and a prize package that included bottles of vodka, rum, syrup, ‘glass art’, tattoo gift certificate, and electronic cigarette starter kit among others.

While we’re sure the swine was devine and the music from local bands and DJs jarred clogged arteries loose, the Great Bacon Brawl between Giselle and Berlin was a true feast for the eyes. Thanks to KOV Grime Life Photography, we can vicariously experience the greasy greatness. Once you’re done, be sure to check out his Flickr and Tumblr for the uncensored version.