Being that we are well into a new millennium, many of the sporting events that we enjoy have been around for awhile. So where does the Open Championship fit in with sporting tradition?When it comes to tradition is sports, golf is one that hasn’t really changed that much. Sure, there have been a couple rule changes here and there, but a golfer today could fit right in with a golfer of the past. The 141st Open Championship is underway, and is arguably one of sports greatest traditions. But is it the greatest?

There are a few other events in sports that have quite a history, as well. Like the Open Championship, Wimbledon is also an English tradition, and has been going on since 1877. Baseball’s World Series has been happening since 1903, and is still one of sports grandest stages. The World Cup (1930) in soccer has been highly popular overseas for years, and is now growing in popularity here in the States. Some might also argue that the Olympics are the greatest tradition, since they have been going on in various ways since ancient times.

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