When any band makes music that gets recognized, that's a big deal. For a band to make music & get recognized by their home TOWN, that's a REALLY big deal. One band from Austin, did that 5 years ago: the Black Heart Saints.

Who are the Black Heart Saints?

From 2014, Austin's Black Heart Saints is a rock band that has won quite a few awards during their nearly 10 year run including winning the award for Best Metal Band in 2019 from the Austin Chronicle. They've also seen some Billboard success too:

  • Their songs "Lines" & "Misery" reached #24 & #19 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts in 2021
  • "Reach the End" would reach #21 in 2021.

When did Black Heart Saints get their own national holiday?

Their biggest accomplishment, by far, has to be on April 12, 2018, where the mayor of Austin, Steve Adler, proclaimed that day to be "Black Heart Saints Day". According to the official transcript as it was recorded on live tv, the band would be introduced by City Council member Alison Alter. Shortly afterwards, they would perform an acoustic set for the City Hall Sessions in the city of Austin.

After they finished playing, the transcript goes on to say:

Before you leave I have a proclamation and colleagues here who will join me in that, be it known whereas the city of Austin, Texas is blessed with many creative musicians whose talent extend to every genre and whereas our music scene thrives because Austin audiences support good music, local favorites and newcomers, and whereas we are mrs.ed to showcase and support local artists, now, therefore, I, Allison alter on behalf of Steve Adler, hereby proclaim April 12, 2018, as Black Heart Saints day in Austin"

Their performance would be posted onto YouTube along with a short interview & presenting of the award to the band at the end of the video.

Not many bands can say they have an official holiday in their home state (or home city). But Black Heart Saints is one of those few lucky bands. So good on them for not only representing the power of music, but bringing people together.

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