On the heels of an insensitive ESPN headline regarding Jeremy Lin, the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) has released a series of guidelines to help media members avoid similar pitfalls.

The AAJA warns journalists to avoid using the following phrases or references that prey upon common Asian stereotypes.

  • CHINK- avoid the phrase 'chink in the armor' at all costs and never use the work in conjunction with Lin.
  • DRIVING- don't call Lin 'An Asian who can drive.'
  • EYE SHAPE- self explanatory
  • FOOD- no comparisons to fortune cookies or takeout boxes
  • MARTIAL ARTS- Don't refer to Lin as 'grasshopper' or compare his skills to any martial arts disciplines
  • ME LOVE YOU LIN TIME- This is a play on 'me love you long time' from Full Metal Jacket and poor form for a journalist.
  • "YELLOW MAMBA"- A play on Kobe Bryant's nickname 'the black mamba.'

It's quite sad that the AAJA would have to remind the media to avoid these stereotypical phrases and concepts normally associated with Asian Americans, but in the never ending quest to be the most clever guy in the room, members of the media often forgo their better judgement.