There is a picture floating around of something El Pasoans are still seeing at gyms. An El Paso man Angel shared an old picture you may remember from years back. The picture shows some gym equipment with bite marks on it.

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But it seems like some things never change in El Paso since gym members are still seeing this problem. The picture shows the leather part of the seat with unusual markings. The black leather seat had what looked like bite marks.

Now, yes, we all are wondering the same thing as Angel did. Who in the heck gets too into what some call "beast mode" that they bite the equipment?

But who knows, there could be a logical explanation, those markings aren't teeth marks. Then again, El Paso has wild moments

Now if we tested the different theories I would guess a chick attached her hairclip to the seat. Although the size and shape look an awful lot like teeth marks.

We don't exactly know what it REALLY is but what we do know is apparently this is a common thing at El Paso gyms. I learned that those unusual markings on the gym equipment happen often apparently.

After trolling through Angel's comments on Twitter it seems other locals have spotted the same thing at some gyms in El Paso too. One woman @_tonileyba in El Paso also shared her bite mark encounter at an El Paso gym, by the way, her Tweet below's NSFW.

What is crazy is that who on Earth would go full-blown beast-mode that they must bite the gym equipment.

Honestly, that is one daring move, especially while Covid-19 is still kind of lingering around the borderland. But if those are bite marks, someone sure doesn't mind different people's sweat in their mouth.

When you have gone to the gym, have you ever noticed bite marks on any of the equipment before? Place your vote in the poll below if you have seen the same thing at your gym. But if you need something to bite down on while working out, there are mouth guards that are better for your teeth.

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