On Saturday New York Yankee baseball player  Alex Rodriguez’s drug suspension was cut to 162 games from 211 by arbitrator Fredric Horowitz for his involvement in MLB’s Biogenesis scandal.

Well last night the guy who gave him all the drugs did an interview with "60 Minutes".  His name is Anthony Bosch, and he's the founder of Biogenesis, the lab in Florida that provided drugs to more than a dozen players who were suspended this past year.  Bosch says he personally injected Rodriguez several times, because Rodriguez is afraid of needles.  He says Rodriguez took testosterone, human growth hormone, and insulin growth factor 1, among other things.

In this clip from "60 Minutes"Tony Bosch says that he injected Alex Rodriguez personally with banned substances:

In this clip Bosch talks about what motivated Rodriguez to take steroids.  He says the most important goal for Alex was to hit 800 home runs in his career:

Here Bosch says that A-Rod used to eat testosterone gummies before a game, and after the game he'd test negative:

Bosch also says that it was a cakewalk to beat Major League Baseball's drug test:

60 Minutes" also talked to the COO of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred.  And Manfred said that Anthony Bosch was afraid at one point that A-Rod might try to have him KILLED.

Rob Manfred also pointed out that Rodriguez NEVER took the stand in his own defense, so he's never actually denied the claims against him on record.

This is not the end of the story, A-Rod vows that he will take his case to a federal court to clear his name.

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