For many folks, Amazon is their choice when shopping. I mean, it is pretty convenient. Open your phone, click on the app, order what your need, wait a day or two and BOOM, its at your door step. Amazon has fulfillment centers all across the United States, including a new facility that recently opened in El Paso.

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For me, Amazon is actually a last resort. If I can't find it locally, at either a chain or a locally owned business, I'll turn to Amazon. Sometimes I do need an obscure item or two and Amazon may be the only place I can get it. What's cool is that your latest Amazon order may come from, or go through, a new facility in El Paso.

This new fulfillment center is pretty huge, too. It is five stories tall, 2.6 million square feet and employs about 700 people. It is the largest industrial building in El Paso and is one of the largest fulfillment centers in the United States.

The facility is located off of Interstate 10 in El Paso in an area that's seen a lot of growth recently. In addition to the huge fulfillment center, the area is also a booming residential area with many subdivisions popping up.

When I say obscure stuff, I mean, for instance, an Arcade 1Up machine I recently purchased. There are some modifications I could do to it to possibly have more than the 12 games that are currently on it. I can order the buttons, joystick, controller cables and Raspberry Pi needed to make these modifications from Amazon. You can't really find that stuff locally.

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