The University of Alabama's significant investment into the football program continues to pay dividends. Forbes valued the Crimson Tide at $107 million, which makes it the fourth most valuable program in college football. 

Alabama finished behind Texas, Notre Dame, and Michigan - in that order - but ended the year with the 2nd highest revenue in the nation ($95 million, 2nd to Texas' $113 million). The school finished third in profit at $53 million despite having the highest expenses in college football.

The Southeastern Conference continues to strengthen its brands as it continues to lead the way in college football. Five of the top ten teams on Forbes' list reside in the SEC. After Alabama, LSU (#5), Auburn (#6), Tennessee (#7), and Georgia (#10) rounded out the top 10.

The Texas Longhorns continue to set the standard. Even during a year of transition, contract buyouts, and severance pay, the school is still valued at $9 million more than the second-place Irish.

You can see the full Forbes list here.