Why did ESPN pull announcer Robert Lee off doing Virginia's season-opening football game? ESPN said they just wanted to avoid all the meme-making and fun-poking because we're all just too close to Charlottesville and his name's just too close to Robert E. Lee.

Well, this probably won't help much.

There may be only one thing sillier than pulling a broadcaster off doing a college football game in Virginia because of his name...and that's the video above!

ESPN's move was not only weird, it COMPLETELY backfired. Now, everyone is talking about ESPN's decision!

Twitter/Fox News

Funny thing is, the scorn is coming from both sides of the American political spectrum.

As you might expect, Fox News appreciated the softball lobbed straight into their wheelhouse, tattooing ESPN as just another high-handed, left-leaning, PC-Police-kowtowing elitist media outlet.


On the other side of the aisle, even MSNBC got into the act -- even if frequent guest Donnie Deutsch still found a way to blame President Trump.

For a decision that was supposed to put a hot potato on ice, ESPN has instead wrapped it in tinfoil and put it in the microwave.

Thing is, Robert Lee isn't the only ESPN employee who shares a name similar to the Confederate Army general...

Twitter/Bob Ley