Every Wednesday, ABC-7 weekend sports anchor Asher Wildman joins the "Sports Spin" for a little segment called 'winging it with the Wildman.'

The Wildman and I usually play golf every Wednesday morning before the show.  I got tired of beating him on the links, so I thought we'd switch things up and go to his turf, the racquetball court.

Call it hubris, but I thought I'd hold my own against the Wildman.  I was sorely mistaken.  After five thorough thrashings, I left the court with my racket tucked firmly between my legs.

Things were so bad, the only good shot I got was when I plunked the Wildman firmly in the back.


Thankfully, he survived, but he told me I also plunked him where the sun don't shine.  I'm certainly glad he spared us that image!

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